Friday, August 14, 2009

Sunday Morning Hypocrite

I sit here every Sunday...just sit here.
I slap on my "praise the Lord"smile and greet people that i dislike.
I finally get through the people, and find the pew that I sit in every time I come in this sanctuary.
The music starts and I mumble through the hymns not paying a lick of attention to what the words say.
Finally a prayer, now I can check the football scores on my phone, no one will see right?
The prayer ends and Mrs.Holier Than Thou almost caught me, but she old and slow.
I keep a Bible in front of me so they think I'm reading and not sleeping during the pastors sermon...until I snore.
The sermons over and we all sing, or mumble in my case, a hymn for the invitation...boring.
Finally! Church is over! I can go eat and go back to the human i was yesterday! At least until next Sunday...then it starts again.

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