Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chapter 4

As the new year dawned, the students began there studies once again. Julius made Kent, Balian and Jamos teacher's under him. Balian taught weaponry, Kent taught the students along side of Julius, and Jamos taught the students lore and poetry and song.

They heard little news about Justin.
However they had heard a rumor that Justin was planning to kill Julius a year from then.
Balian immediately began to plan on how to best secure Julius' safety.

Julius thought Balian to be foolish, and told him on several occasions,
"If Almighty God wishes me to come before Him myself, there is nothing you can do to appeal it."
"But one does not know the Will of the Father, so is it not our responsibility to be prepared for anything?" Argued Balian.
Julius couldn't help but laugh. "What you say is true young master Balian. Continue your planning."

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