Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Little Light Bulb That Popped Up Over My Head

God has been changing things in my life, and it has taken me to my limit. I have come to find out that I'm not comfortable in what most people would define as a comfort bubble. The house I live in, the people I'm around, the things that everyone is getting caught up in; I'm just not comfortable there anymore. Don't get me wrong I am very comfortable around my family and friends, but that's it.
All of this has made me think how big is God? Does He really fit into the little box that i put him in? Or is He the One that measured the Universe between His forefinger and thumb? Must we call Him to come down from Heaven in order for us to worship Him? Or is He there living in our hearts? Did He have need of evolution to create the world? Or is He the One who breathed stars into existence? Is He a little old man who sits in heaven finding ways to make our lives miserable? Or is He the One who is Omniscient, and knows what is best for us?
The ultimate question that I had to ask myself was who is god in my life? Is it me? or Is it God?

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