Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Bout Called Life

I advance towards my opponent and every step I take,
I am immediately fronted with a bombardment of thoughts, all of them beating my brain as though they were hornets sent to torment me about one sin.

"I am ashamed!" I cry aloud.
"As well you should be." said the voice of sin, cracked and hoarse it sounded.
"Why did God Almighty abandon me to fight the world all alone?" I wondered with anger.
"God, ha! God never loved you. What? You think He created you with an actual purpose?I will tell you why you where made." said sin.
"Why, oh why was I made?" said I
" To be laughed at every single time you mess up." said sin sarcastically.

And then at that moment a voice from the side of the strip called out to me
"Why do you doubt me? Was I not there when you needed me? Even in the matters that you thought meant nothing. Am I not your Father, son of mine? Come back to Me" said the voice lovingly and warmly.

I realized that it was God, my Coach through the bout called life. I dropped every thing and asked Him to take me and use me the way that He sees fit.

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