Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life Is Like A Book

Life is like a book, good or bad, that for some never end. And for those few whose souls live on, their story is ever the better, more than just the bland boring life of a glutton who cries inaudibly "I me mine" to everything they see or hear or wear.

Alas, every day is a paragraph, and every week like a page, and every month a chapter in our life. Unfortunately every chapter must come to an end, and therefore come closer to what some call doom, others call peace, death. The end of the book as we know it, ah but we gain understanding afterwards that only He, the Creator of the ends of the Universe, can show us.

Only, death is not something to be afraid of-if you know where you go-but a peace, if you go to the mansion that has been built for us.

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