Friday, March 6, 2009

Chapter 2

Winter was well set in by the time the Christ Mass feast was under way.
December, they say, is the time for man to read, sleep, and court;
This was not so for the princes under Julius' tutelage, for there were no women there.

Julius started teaching the young princes geography, mathematics, and literature.
They agreed that literature was the best subject to learn while winter waged war with the earth.
Therefore they studied more literature than the other subjects.

Julius did not permit them to stop their studies-save for the day of the Christ Mass.
None of the princes liked the idea, but each of them respected Julius therefore gave way to his decision.

On the day of the Christ Mass, Julius assembled them all in the great hall, and addressed them such:

"My princes, for nearly a month you have studied under me. I wish to let you know that I have decided that each of you will remain here for seven winters-or until you are called for by your gracious kings-and upon the seventh spring you will return home to your fathers and mothers.
I wish to teach you to be great leaders, when the time comes."

After his speech they broke fast together in the hall. With much glee and happiness they talked amongst themselves, about the stories they read and about their homes, and the girls they thought to be most fair in the world.

The feast lasted until sundown and they, with full bellies, slowly got up from the table and went to their beds.

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Mississippi Girl said...

I like it alot. Please write more! Sounds like an enchanting story.