Friday, March 13, 2009

The Encounter

I stood still, very still. The breath that once was in me was gone, my blood turned to ice.
My mouth wide; anger, curiosity, and amazement surged over me. For the Tempter stood in front of me, with a twisted smile upon his beautiful, yet evil face.
"You scum," He said, " you rotten, no good human. You have spat in the very face of God Almighty."
I didn't know how to answer, But there I stood speechless because of his accusation.
"You wonder how? I will tell you, worthless piece of clay. You claim to be a Christian" , He said mockingly, " and yet you only play Christian on the days you go to church. Every other day you are ensnared by my wiles, I know, you never knew it was me. Did you?" He paused awaiting an answer, but no answer could come forth from my mouth.
"I thought not." At that moment I fell to my knees, and prayed, prayed like there was no tomorrow.

My eyes opened, the sleep heavy in my eyes. I remembered the encounter with Satan, I gasped and looked around...I sighed, it was only a dream.

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