Friday, March 6, 2009

Chapter 1

In the olden days
When honor and valor were in battle,
And men loved to learn, as to impress the ladies of court.

There was a teacher that was viewed highly,
And was esteemed in almost every court of any wise king.
His name is Julius, and he was wise in the ways of God and men.

Julius loved no king more than the others,
Therefore he asked of each king to give him land to open a school of learning,
And each king gave it gladly and with the land each king sent five craftsmen to him.

With hundreds of men working for him,
Julius built The grandest school of that time, and in only three months,
But, alas, the witch of winter comes to knock on the door of good autumn.

Julius, therefore, sent the craftsmen back to their kings;
And with them he sent a message:

To the Kings of this land,

I ask of you another favor, send me your princes, so that they may learn
And also that they may learn to court in proper manner,
And so that I may keep this hall of mine, that you O great kings have given me, warm through The harsh winter season.

It was not long before every prince the kings could send were
There eager to learn what Julius had to teach them.
So begins the tale of Julius the wise teacher of princes.

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