Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chapter 3

While winter was growing old and the new year was ready to be born;Julius along with Jamos, Kent, and Balian-three of his best students-went to prepare the yule ceremony; a great honor among the people in Julius' time.

"Master, how did you come to choose us?" asked Balian, as was the custom to begin the ceremony with a thoughtful question . Julius looked at each of them, and said

"I chose each of you for your talents. I chose you, Jamos, for your nimble tongue. And you, Kent, for you are apt to learn, and in return to teach. And you, Balian, for your way with weapons-any king would be proud to have you as their champion fighter."

They soon made their way to the grove where the ceremony would take place.

Julius sent Balian to fetch the logs for the ceremonial fire, for Balian was the strongest of the three. While Balian was gone Julius, Jamos, and Kent stayed and prepared the fire ring.

When they were through building the fire ring, Balian had returned with five trees cut into small logs.

"Good Balian, you got enough" said Jamos facetiously.

When the sun was setting beyond the hills all the princes were being lead by Justin, a jealous young prince. Justin walked up to Julius and said with resentment in his voice

"Why was I not chosen to help with the ceremony, my lord?"

"Because, Justin, you are to reckless and your emotions rule over you, not you over them." said Julius calmly. At these words Justin stomped off to take his place at the twenty foot fire ring.

Jamos walked up to Julius and asked what was wrong with Justin, but the only answer he got was a sigh.

The ceremony went according to plan and everyone went back to the school so they could get a fresh start on the new year, with the exception of Julius, Jamos, Kent, Balian, and Justin.

Justin, who was fuming at Julius' words earlier, walked right up to Julius and spat in his face. Balian immediately drew his sword from its sheath, but was halted by Julius with a slight gesture of his hand.

"You old man, if you were not surrounded by your pathetic pupils I would kill you right here, right now." said Justin angrily.

"And you only prove my words true young Justin. You could be great, if you would but give up your pride and take control of your emotions."said Julius calmly.

"Let me kill this dog, if he is worthy to be called such." bellowed Balian.

"No, he is not worth the bloodshed." said Julius firmly.

"I give you this one word of promise, O great Julius teacher of filth, I will return and I will take your life." as soon as Justin said this he ran swiftly to his horse and quickly galloped away.

"Master, what was all that about?" asked Kent starring off the way Justin rode.

Julius did not answer but looked off into the sunset.

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