Saturday, March 7, 2009

Keller and Hoover: Adventure in the Kitchen

"Ah! The joys of being a dog." said Keller as she woke up one morning next to Hoover, her brother. It was raining that day in good old Mississippi.

" Go back to sleep can't you see that it's dark outside?" moaned Hoover. Keller laughed at his remark and sarcastically replied.

" I am blind I can't see a thing, I can only hear and smell. Ha and mother said that you were the smart one.... there isn't a smart boy in the world."

Hoover wondered at this for a while, and slowly sleep crept upon him and he was soon chasing rabbits through the meadows. Keller heard him snoring and settled down and fell asleep once again.

After a short dog-nap, for there are no cat-naps in this story, Keller woke to foot steps; one then another...a yawn...and then, oh the sound every dog loves to hear in the morning, a plastic cup scooping up delicious kibbles just for hungry dogs to savour. After a wondrous meal Keller and Hoover got to explore the unknown reaches of the kitchen.

"Hoover, come on don't be a big sissy it is just the kitchen." Keller said fearlessly.

"But what about the monster over there?" Hoover said as he pointed to the dishwasher.

"Oh don't be silly brother, he is always asleep, do you not hear him snoring?" Keller said confidently.

"Oh, but sis, what if we get lost?" added in Hoover (who didn't want to leave his bed).

Keller put her nose in the air and said with an air of royalty.

"Why I'll use my nose to guide use back, after all I am a dachshund."

" Well, ok sis, whatever you say. But lets not go to far." said Hoover scared about the monster. So he crept forward to Keller's side, softly tiptoeing as not to wake the monster snoring heavily next to him.

So they walked about the kitchen, and only a few times did Keller bump into a cabinet or table leg. Soon, to Hoovers fears, they came right next to the the monster.

"Keller, I think we should go back to bed, I don't like this thing." said Hoover with a tremor in his voice. Keller scoffed at him and began to speak, but before she could utter a sound, the enormous monster growled at them-for they did not know that it was only the dishwasher finishing its cycle. They did what any scared puppy would, ran as fast as they could back to their bed and vowed never to leave it again.

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Mississippi Girl said...

Such a cute story! It would make a great children's book. :) And I think you captured Keller and Hoover's personalities very well!